Elimination of unjustified alarms in NOVUS AHD systems with motion detection

AHD by NOVUS multistandard cameras has been enriched with new models with built-in PIR detectors. Passive infrared detectors are widely used in alarm systems and are used to detect moving people. The detector operation is based on precise temperature measurement of objects moving in a given area. Due to integrated electronic circuits, each temperature change is interpreted as motion and generates an alarm.

Significant reduction of the number of unjustified alarms (triggered by light bursts, snowfall or switching the camera from day to night mode or vice versa) in vision systems with motion detection is possible due to the fact that the alarm is generated only when the PIR detector and motion are detected simultaneously. visual motion detection.

A great advantage for system administrators is the configuration of the PIR detector and receiving alarm events directly from the NOVUS recorder. After connecting the camera with the PIR detector, it is automatically recognized and added to the list of cameras, and its configuration is analogous to the motion detection function - specify the detection zone, sensitivity, post-alarm time, available reaction options and enable recording.

Recordings of events detected by the PIR detector are highlighted on the recording graph. Both the NVAHD-2DN3201MV/IR-1-PIR dome camera and the NVAHD-2DN3201MH/IR-1-PIR camera have a 2.8 mm wide-angle lens and the built-in PIR detector has a range of up to eight meters.


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